You have decided that you and your classmates are going to travel back to the year 1607. 
You don't have time to alert the press or anyone else and tell them about your discovery of the time machine, so you have to take good notes and remember to take pictures, so that you have proof of your time travel!

When you come back you are going to make a prezi about your trip, and present your interviews and pictures to your class. 

To learn as much as possible, you have decided not to tell anyone in 1607, who you are and where you are from. So you have to blend in, and learn the way to live at that time.

Group one:

Your mission is to live as a newcomer, a pilgrim, in this town. You will have to learn how to make contact in a peaceful way, with the Powhatan Native Americans and learn their ways of survival. You are going to learn how to build up a civilization, successfully grow crops, and most of all negotiate for peace.

Write down all you learn, and try to explain how you would make the first contact with the Native Americans, and how you would maintain the peace with them. –Remember, they have lived here all their life and know how to survive.

Also, find out why people traveled to this town and what their plan is with Jamestown. Remember, these people have left their homeland for what most called the Promised land. 

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Group two
You are going back to 1607 as a Powhatan Native American. So first of all you have to figure out how they lived, what they ate, what kind of clothes they wore and so on. But, you also have to become friends with the pilgrims. They are invading your land, yes, but if you don’t make friends with them, who knows what will happen and how many will get hurt. Talk with your people and find out how to make contact and how to negotiate for peace. How would you make sure to keep your people safe, and make sure that your tribe will survive and at the same time maintain peace with the pilgrims?

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Group three

Your mission is to find these important people in Jamestown and write down everything you learn about them so that you can tell your classmates about them. Who were they? How did they spend their lives?  

Chief Powhatan

Captain John Smith
John Rolfe

Also, you are going to discover the history of Jamestown and the Jamestown Fort. Why did they build a fort, and why did Jamestown almost fail? What would you have done differently? 

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