Teacher's page

Name on Web Quest:

”Discovering Jamestown”


Web Quest to be used in 8th grade

Introducing the topic:

Before the students are to work on their own, it would be a good idea to talk a little about Jamestown and American history in class.
Many of the students may know the Disney cartoon movie "Pocahontas" from when they were little, so maybe you could watch the movie in class. It is a fun and easy way to begin this subject.
You may also want to show some clips from the movie “The New World” (2005). Which is much more true to the real story of Jamestown and Pocahontas.

Then you could make a timeline in class. Exploring the internet for information on the topic (finding relevant dates and places etc.)

Then as a teacher you could introduce the blog "Discovering Jamestown" and explain the tasks which they are going to work with.
As a final product the students are going to make a prezi (a presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual way), and a presentation.


The students are to imagine that they are going back in time to the year 1607 in Jamestown. Before going back in time the students have prepared some questions to interview and find out facts about the people living there, the living conditions and everyday life, conflicts, overall - the story behind.

Final product:

The final product is to make a prezi on what they have discovered going back in time. What did they find out + the answers to their questions. The students present their prezies in groups (about 30 minutes)

Time needed:

Three-four weeks

Culture Theory:

Our web quest is about the culture clash that happened when the pilgrims and the Native Americans met in Jamestown, and how they approached each other and fought over land.
It is relevant still today because of the world’s history with racism. With our web quest the students are going to read and speak English, but also learn about American history, races and cultures.
It is a great way for the students to learn about these important topics/issues, especially with today's globalization. Culture clashes are happening every day, but culture is not only which country we are living in anymore. Culture is something you are brought up with, but also about what you choose and how you choose to live. The history about pilgrims and Native Americans meeting and how they did or did not coexist gives students something to think about, when it comes to culture and acceptance.

Desired learning goals:

  • The students learn about multiculturalism and how we must coexist, even though we have different cultures. Also, that we can learn things from each other (e.g. the pilgrims learned how to survive with help from the Native Americans)
  • The students learn about American History
  • The students will write, read and speak a lot of English in many different ways. Taking different intelligences into consideration.
  • The students will learn how to form an opinion, when they are to consider how to maintain peace in Jamestown
  • The students will learn about prezis
  • The students will hopefully get motivated by the fact that they are to make a "role-play" and "travel back to 1607". Instead of just reading a book on the subject.
  • The students will have more time to reflect about what they are reading and learning, when they have to write about the subjects in their own words.