Okay! Now all of you have a mission!


  • The first thing to do now is to brainstorm! What do you know about Jamestown, the Native Americans and the pilgrims?
  • Do you know the story about Pocahontas? Perhaps from the Disney movie?
Write down all you can think of, pack your bags (remember your cameras!) and let's travel back to 1607!

When we arrive, remember to look at the links I have given you, so that you have all the information that you need and can start writing down all you experience!

  • Look at the links and read some of the pages that you find useful
You are more than welcome to use the internet and search for information yourselves, given off course, that the internet works back in 1607!


When we arrive and you start your working process, it is a good idea to organize your group.
A good research team is well organized and you should decide, as a group, which role each person will play in your research team.  Here are some examples of the various roles each person might play:

  • Navigator - controls the computer mouse and keyboard
  • Recorder - writes down answers to the research questions
  • Question Reviewer - reviews what has been recorded and makes sure answers are complete and accurate
  • Time Keeper - watches the clock and makes sure the group is moving at a good pace

You can always take turns in each role so everyone has a chance to navigate!

4) Finally, write down what you are going to research.

  •  Make some questions, so you know what you are going to write about.

Group One e.g.:

Who were the first natives that you encountered?
What food did you grow?
What tools or protection did you have?
What events occurred when the Native Americans first approached you?
What were done to positively build a relationship with the Native Americans?
How would you make the first contact with the Native Americans, and how would you maintain the peace with them?
Why did people travel to this town and what were their plans with Jamestown?

Group two e.g.:
What was your housing like?
What are some of your top crops?
What kind of tools and protection did you use?
What events occurred when the settlers first arrived?
What are some things that could have been better done to enhance peace?
How would you make sure to keep your people safe, and make sure that your tribe survives?
Talk with your people and find out how to make contact and how to negotiate for peace.

Group three e.g.:
Who were these important people?
How did they spend their lives?
What do we know about them?
How come the story about Pocahontas and Smith is so well-known?
What is the history of Jamestown and the Jamestown Fort?
Why did they build a fort?
Why did Jamestown almost fail?
What would you have done differently?


  • When you have experienced everything that you want to experience, work together and make a prezi about the things you have discovered.

  • Remember, you are going to present your prezi to the rest of the class and your teacher is going to evaluate your work, so do your very best!
  • Collect pictures, maps, your written text and everything you have, and rehearse your presentation and make sure to correct any mistakes. 

Now you are all ready to explore Jamestown in 1607! Good luck! Try your best, and know that no matter what it's either peace or death in this town!

Remember to meet back here at the same spot as we arrived in exactly one week, or you will be trapped here in 1607 forever!